Let's Get Creative!

We want to share all the creativity this holiday season with our shoppers.  To do this, we’d love to offer workshops and make & takes.  If you are interested, please read over the info below and apply!

Please note: workshops and make & takes are only available at our Tustin shop.

You may teach multiple workshops, but some topics we’d love to offer are: cookie decorating, wreath/floral arrangement, ornament decorating, charcuterie boards, calligraphy, candle making, succulents, diy gift wrapping, macrame, bath salts/soaks, and small gift items (examples: macrame keychains, ornaments, etc).  We are also open to kid’s crafts as make & take options for our Kid’s Craft Party on Dec. 10.

This year we are not charging an instructor fee to offer a workshop/make & take.  In exchange we are asking for a ticket giveaway or discount of at least $25.  We will use this as a promo for your workshop/make & take. 

While very similar, we do consider workshops and make & takes to be two different offerings. 

Workshops should be a sit-down class of about 2 to 2.5 hours, where constant supervision is required (because there are multiple steps and/or instruction is detailed).  Examples would be: wreath arranging, candle making, and charcuterie boards.  Make & takes are more casual and can be created in about a half an hour.  This would be something that requires a hands off approach where examples are prominent and instructions is simple.  Some examples: oily rollerballs, succulent planter, and ornament decorating.

We limit the amount of seats in a workshop to 12 and make & takes can have as many students as can participate within their chosen time frame.  In addition, we recommend workshop tickets cost $25 to $100, whereas make & takes should be under $25.


DATES: Saturday, November 19 – Wednesday, December 21

TIME: Any 3 hour time frame during shop hours

VENUE: The District at Tustin Legacy (2437 Park Ave, Tustin, CA 92782)

COST: Ticket giveaway or discount of at least $25

SET-UP/BREAKDOWN: 1 hour before and after your time slot (if you need more time and it doesn’t affect other workshops/makers, we’re open to that as well).

As the instructor, you will:

— Provide all instruction, handouts, and materials for all students

— Advertise workshop and/or make & take through social media, email, etc.

— Send us the following:

— ticket pricing

— high quality photos including company logo (ideally 3 to 5 square photos)

— any specific copy you’d like used to promote the workshop/make&take including what students may learn and/or create

— workshop/make&take description and list of supplies

To help facilitate the workshops, we will:

— Sell workshop tickets and make&take presales on Eventbrite

— Create social media posts for Facebook and Instagram and advertise workshop through social media, email, and press release

— Provide workshop space, tables, and chairs for up to 12 students and/or make & take table and chairs for up to 4 students

— Provide a tote bag for each student, the option for you to include promotional pieces, and 10% off shopping for students on the day of the workshop/make&take

— Send payouts at the end of the week for the particular workshop/make&take (minus Eventbrite fees)

In addition, you may provide snacks and beverages or BYOB (or request Poppi Seed Market to provide them for an additional flat fee).  We may also have options for students to purchase as an add-on, if you’d like to make that available.

Please use the application below if you are interested in joining us!  If you have any questions, please email us.


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