The Bloom Collective

Hi Friends!

We hope you’re having a happy new year.  We’re so thankful for all your support during Merry Maker and we have some exciting news to share with you!

We always love our Merry Maker experiences and this year we have decided to create a spring version of retail merriment!  We hope you’ll join us!

This edition will be referred to as the Bloom Collective and we would pop up for four months.  As always, we’re looking for (and will only accept) handmade, vintage/up-cycled, and/or curated makers, local small businesses, and fun, creative peeps for our pop up extras to round us out.  We’re big on celebrating the handmade and small business community, so please know that we don’t accept any direct sales/MLM companies.

This Pop Up Shop will allow for 30-35 makers and small businesses as we strive to keep things fresh and exciting with new makers and products each event.  Please know that just because you apply (or have applied and been accepted in a prior event) does not mean you are automatically given a spot.  We review applications for each event individually so that we have the best possible mix of makers and small businesses.

At this time applications are open and we are reviewing them on a rolling basis, but we do suggest applying sooner rather than later.  Below is all the information you’ll need to know to decide if you’d like to pop up for the Bloom Collective.  If you have any questions or concerns, please email us at [email protected].

Market Dates & Hours

Dates: Friday, March 10 to Sunday, July 9. Open 7 days a week.

Shop Hours: 11 am to 6 pm (Monday – Thursday); 11 am to 7 pm (Friday & Saturday); 11 am to 5 pm (Sunday)

Market Locations

TBC Shop: Westcliff Plaza // Newport Beach, California

TBC Address: 1130 Irvine Avenue, 92660

We’re in between Ralph’s and Afters Ice Cream!

Important Dates

Applications Open: Monday, February 13, 2023

Applications Close: April closing March 25; May & June open

Maker Acceptances/Regrets: Rolling acceptances/regrets

Photos: You are required to submit up to the 3 product photos for your application to be considered complete.  Applications without photos will not be reviewed.

**Please note: applications submitted after the application period has closed will automatically be added to our waitlist and you will only be contacted if space is available!!**

What is the Bloom Collective? How will it work?

The Bloom Collective will be the Spring edition of our seasonal pop up shop that runs on a central check-out framework in a retail collective atmosphere, so you do not stay with your products. 

This version for our retail pop up will run similarly to the Costa Mesa location of Merry Maker 2022.  At our CM shop, we did not have booths and instead had a product drop-off where the Market team merchandised the shop.  We came to this conclusion as our Newport Beach shop will be twice as large as our CM space, but still not large enough for booths.  This way we will have a wide mix of makers and goods.

Shoppers will have a chance to experience both in-store and online shopping, plus in-store pick up, gift guides, special sales, private shopping hours, workshops, and more!

Retail Collective: Traditional

Again, TBC will run similar to the retail collective we used during our Merry Maker 2022 shop in Costa Mesa.  Here you will chose your inventory count, input & label your inventory, drop it off to the shop, and the Market team will merchandise and sell for you with a monthly payout.  There is also an 18% commission fee for makers who choose this option.

Makers will have two inventory count choices: 25 products or 100 products per month.

To be a part of the retail collective, there is a two month minimum commitment.  From there, your term would continue as month-to-month.

Retail Collective: Consignment

Our Consignment option also runs on our central check-out framework, but unlike our other options does not require an upfront maker fee/rent.  You will, however, be subject to a higher commission fee of 30% with this option and will receive a monthly payout.

This will be a limited option on a case-by-case basis and only available to those whose products are $10 or less.

To be a part of the consignment option, there is a one month minimum commitment.  After that, your term would be month-to-month. 

Rent & Pricing

Rent is used for our upfront costs (shop leasing, advertising, insurance, permits, signage, etc.).  If you need more inventory counts than what is listed, we will discuss a custom rate.


— After your initial rent payment, your rent is due by the 7th of the following month.

— Your rent will be taken from your payout (with the balance being what you collect).

— If your payout does not cover that month’s rent, you will have three days to pay the balance before we pull your inventory from the shop.

— You will have 10 days to decide whether or not to extend your term for the following month (after your initial commitment).


— 25 pieces ($75/month)

— 100 pieces ($250/month)

— Consignment: inventory count is custom to the maker on a case-by-case basis (no upfront fee; only commission)


— Retail Collective (18% of gross sales (maker will take home 82%))

— Consignment (30% of gross sales (maker will take home 70%))


— Additional (but required) flat fee of $25-$50 to cover special shop sales/events (think Valentine’s Day/Easter sale)


— Mislabeled or missing labels ($10 per day)


Initial Rent Payments

Your initial rent payments must be made within 3 days (72 hours) of receiving your acceptance email.  You will receive ONE payment reminder email.

All rent fees are NON-REFUNDABLE, so please make sure you can commit to what you are signing up for.

Non-paid or open spaces will go to a maker on our Waitlist.

Payments may be made via PayPal, Venmo, or Zelle.  Exact details will be sent in your acceptance email.


Payouts will be made by the 15th of the following month (example: you have a booth for March – your payout will be by April 15th). 

You will have the option to let us know on your application how you’d like to be paid (PayPal, Venmo, Zelle, or check).

You may request a sales report that will include your total sales and payout, but we will not be offering them with each payout as you can see your sales through the maker portal.  

One Day Pop Ups

//EDITED: AS OF 3.19.23//

We are offering makers the opportunity to pop up in store with us during TBC.  Each pop up will be limited to one brand/maker.

You may choose your own date and time frame (up to 4 hours during our normal shop hours) as long as the date/time does not conflict with another pop up or special event.

Makers will be given space at the front of the shop. next to our windows.  You will be allowed to set up your products on one shelving unit (which includes two to three shelves) and one 4-foot table (or your own clothing rack) along with usage of our dressing rooms.

Each pop up with cost a $25 marketing fee and makers will collect their own sales, so there will be no additional commission.  There is a $50 upgrade to make your pop up a sip & shop (with this fee, the Market will provide light bites and sips for your shoppers during your pop up).

Special Events

For The Bloom Collective, we will have both special “markets” and pop ups for some holidays.

There will be additional central checkout and in-person options for these events.  Applications for these events will be announced.  Potential Special Markets: Spring/Easter, and Mother’s Day/Father’s Day.

For those already in the retail collective, there will also be an additional flat fee ($25-$50) for special sales/events so that we can cover shop discounts with our Market commission and be able to give 100% sales back to our makers for those specific sales/events.

Inventory & Maker Portal


Please remember that we only accept handmade, vintage/upcycled, or curated makers.  Make sure you indicate what you will be bringing for the shop on your application and only bring those items with you when you set-up.  However, we may ask you to only bring certain products on your list so that we can accommodate other makers and/or products.  Please make sure you also stay within your inventory counts when you drop off your products.


You will be assigned a Maker ID for all your correspondence during The Bloom Collective. 

If you were a maker at Merry Maker 2022, you may use the same Maker ID.  You may select this option on your application.

You will also be required to use this Maker ID when you input your inventory into the Maker portal. Specific info will be given in your acceptance email.


We will continue to use the same Shopify/Webkul system we used during Merry Maker 2022 for The Bloom Collective.

This system will allow makers to see their sales in real time, so you’ll be able to keep up on inventory counts as well.

The only new addition for TBC is that now all products must be labeled with your barcode label to get credit for your sale.  If you do not label your products correctly (or at all), we deduct an additional $10 per day from your payout and you may not get credit for your sales.

We can create the barcodes/labels for you and you can print them at home to label all your products before you come for set up.

Please note: We have not made a decision on whether or not the Team will be able to print barcode labels for you. We will keep you updated.

Online Marketplace

All makers will have the option of adding their products to our online Maker Marketplace so that we can also offer online shopping to customers.

Shoppers may pick up their orders through in-store pick up at the NB shop.

Purchases made online will work the same as an in-person sale so commission will incur.

Inventory Drop-off & Pick-up


We will send you an email with available inventory dates & times for you to chose from.

From there, you will be required to drop-off and/or pick-up your products during your chosen time frame and you will need to adhere to it so that we can get through all of our makers quickly and safely.

When you drop-off we will double check your inventory counts and barcode labels so that your products can be displayed in the shop asap.

For pick-up, you will choose a date and time and visit the shop during your choice.  Your products will be taken off the floor and placed in the back storage room for you to gather (along with any fixtures you may have brought in like a mirror, jewelry stand, or hangers).

Depending on COVID-19 rules, makers and team members may be asked to wear a mask correctly inside either shop during pick-up and drop-off. If so, we will have additional masks and hand sanitizer for your use.


Depending on your shop option, your rent will cover some restock. We obviously want you to sell all the things, but we also want to make this as fair as possible and for the Team to not lose their collective mind. ;]

If you choose a 25 inventory count: you will be allotted ONE restock of up to 25 products for the month.

If you choose a 100 inventory count: you will be allotted TWO restocks of up to 25 products for the month.

If you choose the consignment option, restocks will be on an individual basis.

If you happen to go over your inventory counts, you will be charged an additional fee tbd (taken from your payout).

If you decide to pull items from the shop (for orders, other markets, etc.), you may substitute it with another correctly labeled product.  However, if you pull an item and do not substitute it, there is no reimbursement or roll over for going under your inventory count.

We have super limited storage space at the Newport shop, so product storage will not be readily available like at other shops.  You may inquire about storage space and we may allow this on a case-by-case basis.


We will create marketing and social media graphics for you to use.

We will share our Facebook and Eventbrite event pages with you so that you may invite your family, friends, and customers. We will also always repost/share anything you tag us in.

We will advertise the shop through flyers and postcards, online calendars, press releases, & social media and email marketing.  We are also working on partnering with local businesses in and around the area.

We also expect that you will do your part in sharing your participation through your own marketing channels (social media, email blasts, etc).

Content Days

**// New for The Bloom Collective //**

In the spirit of strengthening our handmade community and collaborating with our makers more, we will be offering Content Days for makers to participate in as a way to create social media & marketing content.

We will hire a photographer to take headshots and product & lifestyle photos.

You and your fellow makers can work together on social media marketing (like reels and short videos) and static content (like product photos and flatlays).

We will also bring in content creators/influencers to help facilitate more creativity and give some insight and tips.


To make sure that we have a safe Pop Up Shop, we will be adhering to whatever the State of California/Orange County guidelines will be at the time.  This may include limiting the number of guests inside the shop, requiring masks, temperature checking, providing additional masks and hand sanitizer, signage and floor markings to promote social distancing, wide aisles, protective shields at checkout and/or accepting contactless payments.

Legal Stuff

As a maker, you will be required to sign our usual Vendor Agreement in lieu of insurance.  More information will be given in a future email.

While we do not require proof that you have a City of Newport Beach business license, we highly recommend that you do so for your own business purposes.   You may apply online for one.  We will send you information in your acceptance email.

During the Pop Up Shop, we will collect and remit all sales taxes so that you do not have to.

We are still working on a Health Permit, but all food and drink options must be pre-packaged unless otherwise noted.

Please Note

We reserve the right to change/update any of the above information as we see fit to create the best possible pop up shop.  We will try to give advance notice in the off chance this does occur so that you can plan accordingly.

Thank you for understanding.